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Zack Greinke returns, has a ‘ways to go’

The Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the most formidable starting pitching duos in all of baseball with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. As the team prepares for the 2014 season, Greinke found himself behind schedule due to a calf injury.

Greinke will not be ready for the team’s opening games in Australia, but he returned to Spring Training action on Wednesday as he works his way back for the team’s first regular season action state side. While he suffered no setbacks, Greinke said that it will still be a while until he is ready. From

I’d thought I’d be fine that day, like 100 percent in a day or two…It just hasn’t gotten better, it’s a 10 percent pace from what I was expecting. You know it’s there. If I did more than I’m ready to do, I’d be right back where I started. But it’s getting better every day and that’s the key…

…Everybody had to get ready faster for Australia. I have to get ready for the American games. I’ve just got to get ready as fast as I can without a setback.”

The Dodgers are deep enough that they can afford to focus on the long game with Greinke, so they will presumably make sure he is fully ready to return before subjecting him to a regular work load.

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