Amazon raises Amazon Prime price to $99 per year


With the raise of streaming giant Netflix, and the presence of streaming wanna-be giant Hulu, Amazon Prime is starting to carve out a special place for itself with consumers, as it offers a reasonable annual price that includes a deep library of movies and television shows, as well as access to two-day shipping on all items purchased in the marketplace.

Consumers who subscribe to Amazon Prime are going to be waking up a littler lighter in the pocket this morning though, as the E-Commerce giant has raised prices on it’s Prime services and has bumped the price from $79 annually to $99.

The raise in price changes Amazon Prime from costing roughly $6.58 per month to a whopping $8.25, making it an almost $2 raise in price on customers.

Amazon offered little explanation in their press release on the price change, but the motives aren’t hard to find. Netflix currently costs roughly $8 per month, which is exactly what Amazon has raised their price range to. The logic behind the price raise seems to be linked to the fact that you get the added bonus of two day shipping from Amazon where Netflix you’re paying for the service much like you pay for HBO.

Still, anytime prices go up, consumers get down and while it’s still a competitive price in theory, seeing the price jump from $79 to $99 per year is a bit jarring to most.

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