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Lance Lynn strikes out 10 batters in four innings of Spring Training work

One certainly does not want to overreact in one direction or the other when it comes to the results of Spring Training baseball, but some accomplishments still warrant attention.

Enter Lance Lynn of the St. Louis Cardinals, who struck out 10 hitters in only four innings of work Thursday, including eight straight at one point. His body of work for the day can be found in the video below, courtesy of

Lynn was solid once again in 2013 for the Cardinals, going 15-10 over the course of 201 innings of work. He posted a good 3.97 ERA, and even that might have been slightly unlucky when you look at his 3.28 FIP (fielding independent pitching). Some aspects of today’s outing were likely fluky, but the fact is pitchers just don’t usually look this sharp this early in Spring Training.

Now Lynn and the Cardinals will hope that it is a sign of great things to come in 2014 and not just a meaningless Spring Training accomplishment.

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