Oct 30, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew hits a solo home run against the St. Louis Cardinals in the fourth inning during game six of the MLB baseball World Series at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Rumors: Stephen Drew regrets not taking Boston Red Sox offer

Not many people anticipated the offseason for Stephen Drew to be so tumultuous, but it has been. At this point, it was expected that he would be with either the New York Yankees or New York Mets, but that hasn’t been the case. Teams certainly haven’t been chomping at the bit, and for this, as Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe points out, Drew might be regretting not taking the qualifying offer from the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox players say Stephen Drew now regrets not taking the qualifying offer when he had the chance. But the veteran players have turned from the idea that the team needs Drew back. That was the case at the beginning of camp, but not since they’ve had a chance to see Will Middlebrooks re-commit himself.

Now, this isn’t to say that if Middlebrooks doesn’t quite pan out, that Drew’s former teammates will change their tune, but that’s the best case scenario for Drew with his teammmates.

At this point, it’s not surprising to hear that there’s a little regret in his heart for not just coming to terms with the team sooner.

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  • Kennythelid

    This is what happens when you are an athlete and you put your fate in someone else’s hands (Boras). Boras is also Bogeys agent so he really had no reason to have Drew sign with the Sox. This conflict of interest, I believe, should be looked at both by the players union and MLB. I believe Scott would have advised Ellsbury to resign with the Red Sox if another Boras client (Bradley) wasn’t up for his job. In no other business would this conflict of interest be allowed to exist, in fact, it would be illegal.

    • Rick M

      Good point.

  • Bks1632

    So u think boras advised ellsbury to sign with stankees because of Bradley, and not the extra 60 million that they gave him?????? Come on…..

    • Kennythelid

      No I think there’s an obvious conflict of interest, why would Boras negotiate in good faith with the Red Sox when he’s blocking another client? He wouldn’t, and how do you know there was a 60 million dollar difference?

      • Bks1632

        Of course he would…. why would Bradley of had him as an agent, when he knew Ellsbury was too…. Its ridiculous to think that. Also Red Sox told everyone and their mother that they were maxing out at 100 million for ELLS – he signed for 160 mill with the Stinkees – there’s the 60 mill difference. I hate that Ells went to the rivals, but you can’t think it was because of Bradley and boras, it was all about the money….

  • Kennythelid

    And I think it’s ridiculous of you to ignore and make up your own “facts”. Show me one article where a member of the Red Sox front office was quoted as putting a 100 million limit on negotiations. They were negotiating a contract in good faith and Boras wasn’t. Ellsbury blocking Bradley was not the only incentive for Boras to do what he did (although I think it was the biggest) if you recall he was in a pissing contest with JZ and Cano after Cano left him, how much money did that cost Boras? Well take the amount of the contract and subtract 15 percent, that’s a lot of money. If Cano had stayed with Boras are you telling me he wouldn’t have signed with the Yankees? Bottom line….who benefits from every aspect of both the Ellsbury deal and now the Drew situation. The Red Sox….no….the fans…..no….the Yankees….they already had a Ellsbury type player (Gardner) and lost their best player (Cano)….I know it’s…..Scott Boras!!! If you want to write all that off as coincidence go ahead but I for one care too much about this game to stick my head in the sand.