UFC 171 Fight Pass prelims: Justin Scoggins and Francisco Trevino pick up UD victories

Credit: UFC

Credit: UFC

Tonight, at UFC 171, the UFC will begin a new era at Welterweight as Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler battle for the vacant Welterweight title. This will be the first time in nearly eight years that the undisputed Welterweight title will be on the line without Georges St-Pierre fighting for the belt.

Before Hendricks and Lawler throw down to crown a new champion, the UFC has put together an exciting preliminary card that will set the tone for the show. Below you can catch the coverage of the final two Fight Pass prelims.

Will Campuzano vs Justin Scoggins

After a short exchange on the feet, Scoggins got a double leg takedown right onto Campuzano’s back. Campuzano was able to turn around and establish half guard and get to his feet. Scoggins was utilizing a wide array of kicking techniques. Scoggins got another double leg takedown, but Campuzano got back to his feet. Campuzano is on the defensive the whole round as Scoggins controls the stand up and gets another late takedown. Round 2 was more of the same as Scoggins controlled the stand up with his leg techniques. Scoggins took Campuzano down, and Campuzano had a deep guillotine. Scoggins got out, and landed some ground and pound. Campuzano escaped and Scoggins landed some nice shots before the round ended. Campuzano landed a nice knee to start the third round, but Scoggins got a takedown. Scoggins landed some heavy ground and pound on Campuzano. Scoggins controlled Campuzano on the mat for the remainder of the round.
Official Decision: Justin Scoggins defeats Will Campuzano by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Renee Forte vs Francisco Trevino

The first round started with some short exchanged. Forte got Trevino’s back early on a takedown and got both hooks in. Trevino was able to scramble out, but Forte took him down again. Trevino scrambled to his feet once again. The stand up exchanges to end the round were fairly equal. After a short exchange on the feet to start the round, Forte got Trevino to the mat momentarily. Trevino began to get the better of the standup exchanges as Forte slowed. Trevino began to really mix it up on the feet, but Forte was able to get another takedown. Trevino got back to his feet, and took down Forte. As Forte got to his feet, Trevino landed a few knees to the body and face. Trevino took the center of the cage immediately and landed some solid strikes. Trevino got a nice slam takedown, but Forte got right back to his feet. Forte is exhausted and eats a spinning back elbow. Forte got a takedown, but Trevino got right back to his feet. Trevino began lighting up Forte on the feet and in the clinch with knees, elbows, and punches. Forte got a big double leg takedown, stepped over into back control, but Trevino got to his feet. Nothing of worth on the feet to end the fight.
Official Decision: Francisco Trevino defeats Renee Forte by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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