UFC 171 prelims results: Kelvin Gastelum and Jessica Andrade pick up SD victories

Credit: MMAJunkie

Credit: MMAJunkie

UFC 171 is underway, and the card is off to a fast start. If you missed the Fight Pass prelims, check out the coverage here and here. If you missed the first two FS2 prelims, check them out here.

Later tonight on pay per view, the UFC will begin a new era at Welterweight as Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler battle for the vacant Welterweight title. This will be the first time in nearly eight years that the undisputed Welterweight title will be on the line without Georges St-Pierre fighting for the belt.

Before the main card starts, the UFC has put together a stellar undercard on Fox Sports 2. Below you can catch the coverage of the final two FS2 prelims.

Raquel Pennington vs Jessica Andrade

Andrade comes out swinging leather, but Pennington clinches Andrade and lands some powerful knees. Andrade pushes Pennington to the fence, but Pennington threatened with a guillotine. Andrade with a excellent throw and lands in half guard. Pennington gets to her feet, but is thrown once again. During ground and pound, Pennington latched up an armbar, but Andrade got out. Andrade drops for a guillotine, but Pennington gets to her feet. Andrade and Pennington start off aggressive in the second round. Pennington clinches Andrade and avoids another judo throw. After some solid strikes from Pennington, Andrade got a takedown. Pennington was going to get slammed, but released her guard in order to avoid it. Andrade is pushing the pace, but they are both swinging. They exchange in the corner of the Octagon and both eat some solid shots. Andrade is swinging and moving forward and Pennington is backing up and countering. Pennington gets a standing guillotine and it is very deep, but Andrade gets out. Great second round. The third round starts with more of the same as the women exchange. Andrade is swinging some heavy haymakers and Pennington is countering. This fight is just wild and exciting striking exchanges throughout. Both women showing major heart and great chins. Andrade is landing major flurries on the fence and Pennington is clinching and landing knees. Andrade backs Pennington into a corner and again lands some heavy punches inside. Pennington gets a takedown and lands some ground and pound. Andrade to her feet, but is slammed again. Pennington is all over Andrade and she is pouring it on with seconds remaining in the fight. Amazing and entertaining fight.
Official Decision: Jessica Andrade defeats Raquel Pennington by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Rick Story vs Kelvin Gastelum

Story came out aggressive, but Gastelum landed a strong right jab that caught Story’s attention. A few more of those Gastelum jabs opened up a cut on Story’s face. Gastelum lands a head kick that rocks and drops Story. Story somehow survives and Gastelum is on top. Ridiculous scramble by both men and Story gets to his feet. Gastelum is landing at will on Story. Story came out a lot better in round 2, establishing some solid strikes. Gastelum rocked Story with another 1-2. Gastelum is stifling Story at every turn. Story rocks Gastelum out of nowhere with a left hand and they exchange wildly on the fence. Gastelum is dropped again, but the bell saves him. The third round started with Gastelum re-establishing his jab and Story utilizing leg kicks. Story tries a takedown, but is stuffed. Gastelum rocks Story and he is on wobbly legs. Gastelum takes him down and gets his back, but Story shakes him off and gets Gastelum’s back. Gastelum gets out and they exchange to end the fight.
Official Decision: Kelvin Gastelum defeats Rick Story by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

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