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UFC 171 results: Myles Jury defeats Diego Sanchez by Unanimous Decision

The third bout on the UFC 171 main card is a Lightweight clash between TUF alums. Former title contender and TUF 1 winner, Diego Sanchez, takes on the undefeated TUF Live contestant Myles Jury.

Sanchez (24-6, 13-6 UFC) is coming off his incredible war with former StrikeForce Lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, back at UFC 166. Sanchez ultimately lost the decision, but once again showed the heart of a lion in a gritty and incredibly paced three round battle. There is no doubt that the bout with Melendez garnered new fans for Sanchez, but he needs a win tonight over Jury to stay relevant in the division.

Jury (13-0, 4-0 UFC) is undefeated in his pro MMA career and currently 4-0 inside the Octagon. Since losing to Al Iaquinta on TUF, Jury has won four straight against fellow TUF alums. Although his last bout was a dismal fight against Mike Ricci, Jury was able walk away with the victory. Tonight he will take a big step up in competition to take on Diego Sanchez. Jury is determined to show that he is deserves to be among the upper-echelon of the UFC’s Lightweight division.

Round 1: Sanchez with a front leg sidekick to the thigh. Jury misses a high kick. Jury with a nice right hand. High kick is blocked by Sanchez. Jury with an outside leg kick. Body kick from Sanchez which is returned from Jury. Sanchez with a lot of head movement. Jury goes high again. Sanchez rushes in with some hooks that land on Jury’s chin. Sanchez pushes Jury up on the fence and lands a knee. More knees from Sanchez. Jury pushes off and eats a jab. Right hand from Sanchez as Jury throws a body kick. Body kick from Sanchez caught by Jury. Jab from Jury. Sanchez egging him on. Sanchez throwing wild again, but lands a few hooks. Jumping front kick from Sanchez misses. Right hand from Jury lands clean. Head kick lands for Jury. Right hand for Jury. Jury takes Sanchez down, but Sanchez rolls for a leg lock. Jury gets free and takes Sanchez’s back. Sanchez hits a switch, but can’t complete it as the round ends. 10-9 Jury for his striking and takedown.

Round 2: Outside leg kick and jab from Jury. Kicks from Jury. Sanchez with a nice body kick. Flurry from Sanchez and Jury gets out. Oblique kick from Sanchez. Jury tags Sanchez with a right hand. Head kick from Jury is blocked. Sanchez is bleeding under his eye. Sanchez tags Jury with a right hand. Sanchez misses a lunging left hand. Body kick from Jury. 1-2 from Jury. Straight right from Sanchez. Head kick misses for Sanchez. Sanchez blocks a head kick. Jury misses an uppercut, but lands a jab. Sanchez pushing forward again, but Jury is circling away. Outside leg kick from Jury and a check right hand. Hard kick from Sanchez. Right hand from both men, but Jury takes Sanchez down. Sanchez looking for an arm-in guillotine, but his hands are not clasped together. Jury is free and lands an elbow as Sanchez scrambles. Jury with a nice uppercut. Head kick from Sanchez grazes Jury’s shoulder. 10-9 Jury for his effective striking

Round 3: Front kick from Jury just misses. Jury with an inside leg kick. Front kick from Sanchez mises. Sanchez rushes in and lands a few hooks. Jab from Jury. Superman punch misses for Sanchez. Jab from Jury. Body kick from Sanchez. Head kick from Jury is blocked. 1-2 from Sanchez. Sanchez with another kick to the body. Jury with some jabs. Jury has fought a brilliant fight thus far. Inside leg kick from Sanchez. Outside leg kick from Sanchez. Body punch from Sanchez. Right hand from Sanchez. Sanchez clinched on the fence momentarily, but they break off. Flying knee attempt from Jury, and he takes Sanchez down. Sanchez throwing up submission attempts, but can not get it. Sanchez attempts a late guillotine, but the bell rings. 10-9 Jury for the clean sweep on my card.

Official Decision: Myles Jury defeats Diego Sanchez by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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