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UFC 171 results: Tyron Woodley defeats Carlos Condit after unfortunate injury to Condit's leg

The co-main event of UFC 171 may very well determine the next contender for the UFC Welterweight championship. Former interim Welterweight champion, Carlos Condit, takes on the heavy handed Tyron Woodley.

Condit (29-7, 6-3 UFC) is looking to get back to the title with an impressive victory tonight. In his last outing, Condit took revenge out on Martin Kampmann via TKO in a rematch of their exciting bout back in 2009. The win ended a two fight losing skid for Condit, but the losses were closely contested to GSP and Johny Hendricks. With a win tonight, Condit could find himself in his third UFC title bout.

Woodley (12-2, 2-1 UFC) talked his way into this fight by hounding Dana White and the UFC until they accepted. He knows he has a big opportunity to shock the MMA world tonight by defeating Carlos Condit. Coming off a stellar KO victory over Josh Koscheck, Woodley found himself amidst the upper-echelon of the UFC’s Welterweight division. With GSP’s absence, the division is wide open and Woodley is ready to reap the benefits.

Round 1: Condit misses an outside leg kick. Big right hand from Woodley. Big right again from Woodley. Head kick from Condit misses. Woodley is landing some bombs on Condit early. Spinning back kick from Condit. Woodley clinches Condit on the fence. Condit with body shots on the fence. Big elbow from Woodley. Condit turns Woodley around on the fence and they exchange knees. Woodley turns Condit now and lands a knee. Big uppercut from Woodley in the clinch. Condit breaks free. Condit misses a front kick and leg kick. Left hand from Condit. Right leg kick and left high kick from Condit. Condit rushes in, and Woodley gets a big double leg takedown. Mission control from Condit. Triangle attempt from Condit and Woodley slams him and breaks away. Condit eats a right hand from Woodley. Head kick misses for Condit and Woodley takes him down. Wrist control for Condit, and Woodley stands up. Woodley lands a spinning back fist, but Condit lands a right hand of his own. 10-9 Woodley for the takedowns and striking.

Round 2: Leg kick from Condit. Inside leg kick from Condit. Condit is throwing a bevvy of leg kicks. Front kick from Condit, but he eats a right hand. Condit is taken down and winced in pain on the takedown. Condit throwing strikes from the bottom. The referee stands them up. Right hand from Woodley and a hard leg kick. Condit crumbles in pain from the leg kick and that is how the fight will end. Joe Rogan believes that Carlos Condit just blew his ACL. What an awfully unfortunate ending to an exciting fight.

Official Decision: Tyron Woodley defeats Carlos Condit by TKO (Injury) Round 2 (2:00)

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