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MLB Rumors: Manny Ramirez unlikely to get another shot

As Major League teams tweak and refine their rosters in the final weeks of Spring Training, they identify any lingering needs or holes that need to be filled. Going through that process, there are very few teams who could not benefit from a right-handed power bat.

Even with that being true and with Manny Ramirez claiming that he wants another shot at the big leagues, the 42-year-old slugger is unlikely to get another chance according to Nick Cafardo. Quoting one National League GM:

He’s poison…I know he’s changed his life around and his personality has changed, but I doubt anyone would take the risk, especially with a 42-year-old player. I think a lot of teams would pardon one PED offense, but two? I doubt it, but crazier things have happened. Never take away the fact he was one of the greatest righthanded hitters ever.”

I hardly think MLB teams even need to stand on the moral high ground to say they aren’t interested in Ramirez. I know he is a singular talent, PED use or not, but at age 42? The upside of signing him seems quite limited in pure baseball terms. It’s at that point that you can also throw in the baggage, but teams don’t need to gesture to his past issues to justify a lack of interest.

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