WWE's The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar stare each other down after Lesnar's UFC fight.

When will The Undertaker's streak end?

There’s no doubt that The Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at WrestleMania is hands down one of the most impressive thing in sports entertainment history.

But will The Streak ever end? We’ve witnessed a couple close calls in his previous matches but he was able to kick out of not only Pedigree’s, but Super kicks, Spears and Batista bombs. Could this be the year that The Streak is beaten? Take a look at his opponent.

Brock Lesnar has to be his most difficult challenge when it comes to this match up. Lesnar is a former UFC World Heavyweight Champion who has battled some of the greatest fighters in the world. Yeah Undertaker has faced some of the greatest wrestlers in the business, but they are two different worlds.

Both men have a long history together going back to Lesnar’s early days in the WWE. They’ve met in the ring before, but ended up having some personal beef that boiled over after Lesnar’s fight against Cain Velasquez at a UFC event.

Brock came back and made a huge impact in the WWE. He was able to take out John Cena on Monday Night RAW but failed to pick up the victory at Extreme Rules. Since then, Lesnar has had his fair share of battles while Taker sat on the sidelines, taking his typical time off while rehabbing injuries.

Taker is getting up there in age and is having to battle through more and more injuries each year. In my opinion? Brock Lesnar has to be the one to put this streak to rest, because if not Lesnar, then who?

There’s no way the WWE keeps John Cena out of the Main Event, especially when the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs. That and I doubt if Cena is competing for the title, it won’t be up against The Undertaker.

I say Brock Lesnar walks out of WrestleMania XXX with the victory.

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