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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to hire Phil Jackson before New York Knicks

Before he was hired by the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson was reportedly being pursued by another team desperate for front office help. According to Cavs beat writer Bob Finnan, the Cleveland Cavaliers were looking into the possibility of hiring Phil Jackson before he was scooped up by the Knicks.

Per Bob Finnan from the Morning Journal:

The Cavs would have been interested in Phil Jackson in some capacity in their front office for next year. The Knicks moved quickly and wrapped things up. He is expected to sign a five-year deal that will pay him $12 million, according to

It seemed like a long shot that Jackson would entertain the big city Knicks, let alone the no-name Cavaliers. Both organizations have intrusive ownership but the Cavaliers seem a bit more dialed back than the Knicks. Still, Cleveland landing Jackson would have been a miracle, and it’s not surprising or depressing that they didn’t.

The Cavaliers still have front office issues to work out, they’ll just be done without the help of Jackson. Hiring a new head coach and drafting well seem to be priorities and shuffling the front office at the end of the season might not be.

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