Nearly 1 second KO in UK MMA promotion (Video)

One of the reasons MMA is so entertaining is that truly anything can happen. At any moment in a fight, the bout could end in a flash. In the video below, we may have the greatest example of a lightning quick finish there will ever be.

This past weekend, while most fans were clamoring about Daniel Straus vs Pat Curran and Robbie Lawler vs Johny Hendricks, a small event called WCMMA went down in the UK. That is about the extent of the information we have for the bout other than it ended in just under two seconds. Middleeasy, who originally posted the video, is claiming that the stoppage came at 1.7 seconds, which is supposedly the fastest KO in MMA history.

Check out the astonishing head kick KO below:

Did you blink? Because if you did then you would have missed it. Moments after the bell rang to start the fight, the fighter in the black shorts uncorked a hellacious right head kick that knocked out his opponent completely. While there is no way to actually know if this is the fastest KO in history, it is certainly in the mix.

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