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Portland's Moda Center to add healthy food options

The Portland Trail Blazers revealed Monday that the Moda Center will soon feature a spot where fans can buy healthy food.

(Hey, great job dispelling the myth that Portlanders are all a bunch of food-obsessed, health-conscious hipsters!)

According to the press release, the spot will be known as “Plum Tasty.” It sounds appetizing:

Registered Dietitian and Moda’s Health Coach Chrissy Cralen worked with Levy Restaurants to establish guidelines for the Plum Tasty menu. Each menu item has met the following criteria: minimally processed whole food ingredients rich in nutrients; less than 35% calories from fat, with a focus on healthy fats; less than 600 mg of sodium; limited refined carbohydrates.


Plum Tasty will open its doors tomorrow night.

[Source: Oregon Live]

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