Superman wears a GoPro camera (Video)

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the increase of personal drones, we’ve seen all sorts of cool videos of cities or urban areas from a unique perspective. This might be the most original idea we’ve seen for a drone video and it is far and away the best.

The premise is Superman finding a camera and looking to return the camera to the viewer. He has a misplaced camera in his possession with a “if lost, please return to tag.” He then puts the GoPro camera on and flies around Metropolis, which in this instance is Los Angeles, in search of the owner.

Along the way he stops a crime and breaks a gun in half, he also catches a woman falling out of a burning building. Aside from that you get some pretty awesome views of Los Angeles from Superman’s perspective and watch him do some barrel rolls.

[h/t] Hypervocal

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