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Tony Morrison to run London Marathon four times while carrying a refrigerator

On April 13, Tony Morrison will attempt to run the London Marathon four times in 24 hours. He also plans on making the attempt while carrying a 93-pound refrigerator on his back.

Yes, you read that right.

The Telegraph published a profile on Morrison today, and it’s a fascinating read. The 49-year-old — who, of course, goes by the nickname “The Fridge” — has been running with his refrigerator for about three years. If that sounds painful, well, that’s because it is:

His tilt at 100 miles in a day follows three years of almost non-stop fridge-running. He has done the routes of 30 Great North Runs (a half-marathon) on 30 consecutive days and he has run all the way from Land’s End to John O’Groats. “It took me 40 days. I took the toughest route that you can do — through London. The worst bit was that on day four I fell late at night, I stepped off the road in the darkness. I knocked myself out and broke my left femur. I ran 800 miles with a fractured femur. Hobbled. The whole thing was traumatic from that moment on, it was pure agony.”

Morrison, who runs with the refrigerator as a way to raise money for cancer research, also has an interesting take on similar stunts:

Tony is fully aware he is part of this fundraising arms race and that it that the extreme activities have probably peaked. He says rather wistfully, “I think we should be able to make cakes, and sell cakes [to raise money], people shouldn’t have to do what I do.”

You can learn more about Morrison and his plans for London at his Facebook page. However, I wouldn’t suggest going there and making some “is your refrigerator running?” joke. My guess is he’s heard it once or twice before.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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