Batman characters get True Detective treatment in cool mash-up (Video)

The hit HBO series True Detective managed to take audiences in a sweeping storm of intense drama and didn’t let them go until the eight-episode season was over. Like Breaking Bad — which is still a far superior show – True Detective got in and got out without plodding along too much and audiences were left wanting more.

While the new season of the series is coming in 2015 and a new cast has yet to be announced, we have indeed gotten more True Detective in the form of a really cool Batman mashup that takes the opening credits for True Detective and inserts Batman characters into a what turns out to be a well made mashup.

It’s clear that a lot of time was put into this, and it shows as it’s the most awesome mashup we’ve seen yet. To call it a parody is to almost degrade the work that was done, as a True Detective style Batman series would actually be pretty awesome.

There is hope that the upcoming series Gotham will tap into the darker and more twisted side of the Batman mythos, but if all else fails we have this awesome fan made Batman version of the True Detective credits to feed our imagination.

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