NCAA Tournament 2014: President Barack Obama makes his Final Four pick

With the 2014 NCAA Tournament field set since Sunday, we all just about have our picks set for the Final Four this year in Arlington, Texas. That also includes the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who got together with ESPN once again this year to fill out his presidential bracket.

While he’s nowhere near perfect every year, like the rest of us frankly, he has had some success in the past, and judging by his picks this year, he might be close again.

Of course, most people have the Florida Gators in their Final Four, as well as the defending champion Louisville Cardinals.

It’ll be interesting to see though, when they air it on TV, what his reasoning was behind taking Arizona to get that far. They suffered a tough loss to UCLA, and didn’t look tremendously great down the stretch in the regular season.

Nonetheless, though, that is what the fearless leader of our country has chosen as his Final Four.

Now it’s time for him, like the rest of us, to sit back and see if that’s how it pans out when all is said and done in Dallas.

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