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Yankees spent $53,000 at party after winning 1996 World Series

The New York Yankees climbed back to the top of baseball in 1996 winning the World Series after a 18-year championship drought. Certainly such a monumental occasion calls for one hell of a celebration, and they certainly partied.

Yankees World Series hero Jim Leyritz played a big role in that championship hitting a crucial 3-run homer off of Atlanta Braves closer Mark Wohlers in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series.

In an interview with Eddie Mata, Leyritz shared a story about the ensuing championship party amongst the team. Leyritz says a good friend of his was a maître d at the Plaza Oak Room, the scene of the celebration. Leyritz’s friend kept the receipt from that night of celebration and their tab was a whopping $53,000.

That is about as much as the Cowboys racked up on rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant’s tab. The tab was charged to Tino Martinez’s father’s credit card. They also had to call and ask permission to get more Dom Pérignon out of the reserve because the Yankees had exceed the limits in place. It sounds like he says they had to call “Mr. Trump” but I can’t quite make it out.

Leyritz also says they almost missed the parade from partying, which was two days later.

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