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Duane Ludwig unhappy with how report of Team Alpha Male departure came to light

On Wednesday, news surfaced that Team Alpha Male head coach Duane Ludwig will be leaving his position with the gym in May. The news spread like wildfire because of the sudden nature of the move, but Ludwig was not thrilled with how the news spread.

Ludwig privately informed Urijah Faber that he would be leaving the team in May, before Faber decided to spread the news about Ludwig’s departure.

“It wasn’t f–king supposed to be like this, man,” Ludwig told “I’m not going to bounce on anybody’s fight camp. Then he f–king went and told the team and did a press release before I knew. I’m like, ‘What the hell?’

“That’s why it was a bit sudden, because I was just giving Urijah the heads up; I didn’t really have much planned. I think he kind of jumped (the gun).”

Ludwig is now unsure what his next step with Team Alpha Male will be, but his current plans include moving back to Colorado to open his own gym.

“I’ve been working for other businesses since I was 15, and it’s just time I do my own thing, man,” Ludwig said. “I gave Sacramento a year-and-a-half of my life and coaching. If I got hurt on this job, I would have no more income. There’s no residual income here, and I’m just at the point in my life where I’ve got to set up a residual business for myself.

“I’m still working paycheck to paycheck. I’ve got to set up a business; that’s just the smartest move. Plus, Colorado’s home. I’ve got to get my family back and get my life situated again. I’ve got to be smart about my finances, and right now, this isn’t a smart thing to do.”

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