Isaac Hempstead Wright (voice) as Eggs in "The Boxtrolls." Photo Credit: Focus Features/Laika Entertainment

New International Trailer for The Boxtrolls (Video)

There is still quite a bit of time between now and the release of the latest stop-motion animation film from Focus Features and Laika Entertainment entitled The Boxtrolls. However, the film is already starting to make quite the impression. Yesterday, MSN gave us a closer look at the film with the release of a brand new international trailer for the film.

The Boxtrolls is based on the novel “Here Be Monsters” by author Alan Snow.

Just in case you are not familiar with the premise of the story, here is a look at the synopsis for the film courtesy of

A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator. Based on the children’s novel ‘Here Be Monsters’ by Alan Snow.”

As the synopsis says, below the streets of Cheesebridge, there live a race of cave-dwelling trash collectors named the Boxtrolls. These mischievous creatures have adopted and raised a young orphaned boy by the name of Eggs, who is voiced in the film by Game of Thrones actor Isaac Hempstead Wright.

When an evil exterminator threatens their very well-being, they must come together and rise from the sewers and stand up for themselves, becoming heroes in their own rights.

Here is a look at the latest international trailer for the upcoming film The Boxtrolls courtesy of MSN.

Video: The Boxtrolls: exclusive trailer


The film is being directed by Graham Annabele, who worked on projects such as ParaNorman and Coraline, and Anthony Stacchi, who worked on films like Antz and Open Season.

The film is certainly not lacking in talent when it comes to the film’s voice actors. The cast includes the voice talents of Elle FanningBen KingsleySimon PeggToni ColletteIsaac Hempstead WrightJared HarrisNick FrostTracy Morgan, and many more.

The Boxtrolls is scheduled to be released on September 26, 2014.

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