Bond 24: Is this the first teaser trailer for new James Bond movie? (Video)

Credit: MGM

Credit: MGM

Filming for the new Bond film will begin until this fall and the release date isn’t until Fall 2015 but already the hype is starting for what should be one of the better Bond film we’ve seen. The new film will be following directly in the footsteps of 2012′s Skyfall which helped reboot the series with fresh faces in familiar places.

A new trailer for the film surfaced online and was billed as the first teaser trailer for the movie. While it looked legit and seemed to fit the attitude the new film will have, there was something just a little bit off about it.

The only thing about this trailer we don’t like is that it’s not real. While the usually spot-on JoBlo passed along the trailer to the masses, after having been posted on the hit and miss blogs ComicBookMovie and, the trailer was revealed as a fake.


Still, with filming beginning in the fall, we are getting t that time when we will inevitably see promotional material for the movie arise, and we can’t wait for that time to arrive.

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