Former WCW star Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell talks about 'Gigolos' experience

Former WCW Superstar Buff Bagwell appeared on Showtime’s original series titled ‘Gigolos’. If you’ve seen those Rob Schneider movies, then you’re familiar with the title ‘Gigolo’ and what they actually do.

Pretty much a male escort for those who haven’t watched either the show, the movies or that profession in general. Now Bagwell sat down in an interview with AngryMarks and discussed his experience so far.

This is what Bagwell had to say:

“This is so new, I haven’t even gone on my first date yet. So I don’t even know. This is something I thought I could do, I’ve always loved women and I’m married but at the same time this is something that is not sexual this is something that I am a companion, I am a friend. I go on dates with girls for them to have me as a piece of candy to show their friends. There is no sex, it is simply my companionship for however time you want to buy me. I’m a gigolo trying to make some money.” – Bagwell told AngryMarks via

It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll ever make a run with the WWE in the future. He could possibly become a trainer down in Orlando at the Performance Center.

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