Cody Rhodes says he's better than Goldust

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes and his brother Dusty aka Goldust are trying to make another push for the tag team titles.

Meanwhile, with both brothers attempting to get back into the title hunt, fans across the globe are hoping to see one match up that’s been talked about for several years now. I’m talking about Cody Rhodes taking on his older brother Goldust, at WrestleMania.

When these two went face to face during the Royal Rumble a year or so ago, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Imagine how their reaction would be if both of these guys squared off during one of the biggest sports entertainment shows on the planet?

Cody recently sat down during an interview with The Hartford Courant to promote a WWE Live event and told them that he thinks he’s better than his brother, Goldust:

“At the roof of my professional career with my brother, I think I’m better than Goldust, and in his heart, he thinks he’s better than I am. We love each other, and we’re brothers, that’s great, but at the root of all that, you kind of want to find out who’s right, and I certainly hope that at some point you get to see that match as well.” – Cody Rhodes via The Hartford Courant.

Make it happen Triple H.

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