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NBA jerseys rebranded as corporate logo advertisements (Photos)

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Feb 6, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; A view of an official NBA game ball with the signature of new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver at Barclays Center before the game between San Antonio Spurs and the Brooklyn Nets. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hinted that advertisements on jerseys were ‘inevitable’ and suggested that we’d likely see such within five seasons.

The NBA and NFL already sell advertisement space on their practice uniforms, but the NBA would become the first of the four major American sports to allow such on their in-game uniforms.

We’ve seen what WNBA jerseys look like with advertisements on them and needless to say, it’s not exactly the prettiest look – though in fairness the franchises have been selling mass amounts of ad-space on the WNBA threads due to the low profit margin, something that wouldn’t happen in the NBA.

Regardless, it’s a testy subject – some don’t mind the idea of adding advertisements to uniforms while others are strongly opposed to it.

If it is to happen (like Adam Silver suggests), what would the jerseys look like covered in corporate ads? Thankfully Dead Dilly fired up his photoshop and crafted some rather unique looks.

You can check out more of the NBA jerseys with corporate advertisements on them by clicking through below.


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