Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the upcoming film "Maleficent." Photo Credit: Walt Disney

Evil is Complicated in the New TV Spot for Maleficent

Just two days ago we showed you a new trailer for the upcoming origin story of one of Disney’s greatest villains, Maleficent. Now, evil gets complicated in the latest TV Spot for the upcoming film.

There is no denying that Angelina Jolie looks deliciously evil in the role of the Disney baddie. I honestly can’t picture anyone but her in this role. The good news is, I don’t have to.

As with every origin story, you think you know how the story plays out. You have seen it all before; however, there is always that one character that you thought you knew, but you never really knew at all. That character is Maleficent.

In the film, we will watch as the story of one of Disney’s most legendary villains comes to light. It turns out, she wasn’t always so evil. Fueled by revenge, Maleficent does what she feels she has to do in order to find justice against those who have betrayed her. Unfortunately, this puts the young Princess Aurora in the middle of a rather precarious situation.

Here is a look at the latest TV Spot for the upcoming film Maleficent.


Maleficent will be the first directorial effort by director Robert Stromberg. The film stars Angelina Jolie as the storied Disney villain. Maleficent also stars Elle Fanning as a young Princess Aurora, as well as Juno TempleSharlto Copley,Brenton ThwaitesPeter Capaldi, Miranda RichardsonImelda Staunton, and many more.

Maleficent is scheduled to be released on May 30, 2014.

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