Far Cry 4 set in Himalayas, set to launch in 2015

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Ubisoft is a busy company these days with them set to release Watch Dogs in about two months and they’re also thinking into the future with one of their series.

According to sources from Eurogamer, Far Cry 4 will take place in the Himalayas with the game scheduled to release in the first half of 2015. The change in venue marks a deviation from past games that focused on more tropical environments. One reason for the change is to allow for new gameplay features – with one of them giving players the ability to ride elephants.

The source from Eurogamer also said that Far Cry 4 will be shown at E3 during the Ubisoft press conference and the title will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s still unknown if the game will come out for last-gen systems.

Far Cry 4 will still retain the gameplay elements from previous game in the series, where you would hunt animals and have outposts to liberate claimed the source.

Ubisoft is set to release Far Cry 4 during their next financial year, which ends March 2015.

The new setting could be great for the series, as it will allow the developers to get creative in how to shape the game.

I do find it interesting that now you can ride elephants and this makes me think it could be a core gameplay element. The Ubisoft conference at E3 should be great to see with Far Cry 4 set to be shown and probably more information on The Division and what’s next for Assassin’s Creed.

Thanks, Eurogamer

You can leave a comment below on what you think of the new setting for Far Cry 4 and if riding elephants sounds like fun.




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