Idris Elba will not star in Jurassic World


With the summer of 2015 right around the corner, the major films we will see hit theaters over that span of time are beginning filming across the world. Actors and filmmakers are flocking to their productions to get some of tebiggest blockbusters films of next summer under way and one of those films is Jurassic World – the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise.

One actor who won’t be coming out for the Jurassic World party is Idris Elba, as despite endless rumors about his involvement in the film, SlashFilm is reporting that the actor will not appear.

This was actually something everyone wanted to see as Elba is one of the most liked actors among film fans and seeing him in the world of Jurassic Park would have been outstanding.

But our wishes won’t be coming true and that’s a bummer. Still, even if he’s not appearing in Jurassic World, Elba has been making great choices when it comes to the roles he lands as he narrowly missed an Oscar nomination this year and seems poised to land on in the near future.

So even if he’s not in Jurassic World, we’re still looking forward to seeing whatever Elba has lined up next.

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