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MLB Rumors: Mike Trout, Angels could still ink extension before Opening Day

The Los Angeles Angels have reportedly discussed a multi-year contract extension with young outfielder Mike Trout.

The proposed deal is rumored to be in the seven-year, $150 million neighborhood. For a pre-arbitration player that would be a historic deal, though Trout is such a singular talent that you could reasonably argue that it would be a bargain for the Angels.

Many players set Opening Day as the deadline for any contract extension talks. Trout has indicated that he would impose no such deadline and that he would be willing to discuss a deal during the season. Even so, Jon Morosi reports that a deal might get done before March 31st:

Sources say it remains possible Trout will sign a long-term contract before the Angels’ Mar. 31 season opener, but a deal wasn’t imminent as of Friday evening.”

The Angels already extended a gesture of good faith by signing Trout to a one-year, $1 million deal this off-season. That might seem like pennies, but there was no action required on the part of the Angels because of Trout’s pre-arbitration status.

A multi-year extension would be another indication that the Angels appreciate what they have with Trout and that they plan to be proactive in keeping him around for a long time.

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  • Shueb Baafe

    The proposed deal was 6 years 150 million not 7 years. That makes no sense from Trout’s point of view with what he’s accomplished. Not trying to be mean but get your facts right

    • Hayden Kane

      My facts are right, @Shueb. This article was in response to Morosi’s report (linked above) which had it at seven. I am aware of the previous report of six as well, but my facts (which are all about rumors anyway) presented here are accurate.

      I get what you’re saying with Trout, but I also think I wouldn’t blame him for taking this deal because it guarantees him a $100 million deal before arbitration. Such a deal would have him hitting free agency again at age 28, or the usual prime for position players. He would still be in line at that point to cash in for a record-type deal. Thanks for the comment.

  • Frank__Grimes

    The Angels deserve to lose him, I just hope he stays away from the Yankees.