Aug. 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) reacts on the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks could sign Mark Sanchez

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the few teams in the NFL who don’t have to worry about their starting quarterback position but they’re interested in improving the backup role. They seem to have done that by re-signing Tavaris Jackson, but another quarterback could be brought in if he strikes out elsewhere.

Mark Sanchez has a history with former USC Trojans head coach Pete Carroll and the lack of quarterback jobs available to him could lead to a reunion in Seattle.


Sanchez’s old college coach, Pete Carroll, re-signed Tarvaris Jackson as Russell Wilson’s backup, but he could provide a landing spot if Sanchez strikes out elsewhere.

Of course, Seattle would need to be interested in this and it’s hard to see the team throwing money at a player they really don’t need. But the question is do the Seahawks think Tavaris Jackson is a better backup option than Sanchez or vice versa, and that could lead to a cheap deal for Sanchez.

He got out of New York, which was the first step in possibly reviving his career, but now he needs a suitable home. Seattle won’t afford an opportunity to start in the NFL but it could provide a chance to restart his chances of once again doing so.

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  • JTGleason

    If you lived in L.A. as I do, you’d know about the riff between Carroll and Sanchez. Carroll pleaded with Sanchez not to leave early for the NFL, and Sanchez told him to stick ‘it. On NFL announcement day, when Carroll introduced Sanchez, unlike the praise for former QB’s Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart, Pete just said, “Here’s Mark”, and bolted from the press room. Don’t look for any preferencing between Mark, and Carroll. There is no love lost.

  • Steed

    Carroll does not favor players he had at USC. He goes after the best players he can find. He will not even consider Sanchez. The Seahawks have a good backup already signed.

    It’s lazy commentary to suggest Carroll will sign someone because they were at USC. But it keeps coming up.

    • james cardle

      AGREED!!!!!! Lazy and has no clue about how this organization is run. I sure hope that wouldn’t happen because there is plenty of college kids I am sure plus we have that Daniels kid we got from SF on our practice squad.

  • shupe

    I said it once, and I will say it again. NO BUTT FUMBLES IN SEATTLE!

  • james cardle


  • Jake Sloan

    Are you stupid? Wait… You must be stupid! Yup that’s it.

  • Steve Speidel

    It’s a real slow news day in football.

  • Alexander Kendall