Dec 12, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; The Toronto Raptors mascot dunks during a break in the action against the Brooklyn Nets at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Raptors mascot returns from Achilles injury (video)

If you’re feeling a bit blue about your bracket being busted — damn all you Cinderellas. I hope the pumpkin carriage crushes you all to death — we have the perfect video to help brighten your day.

As you probably recall, seeing as it was a major news story and all, the Toronto Raptors mascot suffered an Achilles tendon injury back in October and was listed as out for the season. However, the Raptor turned out to be more resilient than predicted, making his return to the court this week.

Check out the official video, complete with AC/DC music:

Okay, conspiracy theory time. Considering the hints at how he wants to change Toronto’s colors and logo, was Drake the one who caused the Raptor’s injury in the first place? WHY ISN’T THE LAME-STREAM MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THIS?! #Coverup

[H/t: reddit]

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