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UFC Fight Night results: Norman Parke and Leonardo Santos fight to a majority draw

The fourth bout on the UFC Fight Night 38 main card is a Lightweight clash between former TUF winners, Norman Parke and Leonardo Santos. Both men have impressive winning streaks going into tonight’s bout, so this should be an exciting fight from the start.

Leonardo Santos (12-3, 1-0 UFC) has not stepped inside the Octagon since he defeated William Macario to win The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil season 2 back in June of last year. Santos has won six straight, including four submissions, and is looking to make a statement tonight.

Norman Parke (19-2, 3-0 UFC), the TUF: ‘Smashes’ lightweight winner, has looked impressive thus far in the UFC. All three of his bouts have gone the distance thus far, so expect to see Parke really work for a finish tonight to impress the UFC and it’s fans.

Round 1: Santos with a hard inside leg kick to start. Parke misses a few kicks. Hard inside leg kick from Santos again. Body kick from Parke. Body kick from Santos. Parke with a nice left hook counter. They clinch momentarily, but break apart. Parke was poked in the eye, so the bout was stopped momentarily. On the restart, Parke misses a high kick. Body kick from Santos and he misses a standing elbow. Combination from Parke misses, and Santos lands a counter uppercut. Parke pushes Santos to the fence, but breaks off. Parke’s left eye is closing on him. Parke misses another high kick. Inside leg kick from Santos. Left hand from Parke and he pushes Santos onto the fence. Knee from Parke. The referee breaks them off the cage. They exchange and both men land. Body shots from Parke answered by a body kick from Santos. They clinch, and both stuff takedowns. Parke has Santos clinched on the fence. Knee and punch from Parke. The referee breaks them off the fence again. 1-2 from Parke and high kicks as well.Parke eats a right hand and an uppercut. They clinch in the middle of the cage, and Parke pushes Santos to the fence, but can not get a takedown. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Leg kick from Parke. More kicks from Parke. Left uppercut from Santos. Parke is mixing it up well but Santos is landing on the feet. They clinch and Parke has Santos on the fence again.  The referee breaks them off the cage again and they exchange. Head kick from Parke. This is a high paced fight. Parke pushes Santos to the fence again, but is not doing anything with it. The ref stops the bout and deducts a point from Parke for holding onto Santos’ shorts during the takedown attempt. Parke looks for a takedown again, but eats a knee. Head kick and oblique kick for Parke. Head kick from Santos. Parke pushes him to the fence again. Santos breaks off, but eats a left hand. 1-2 from Parke and they exchange in the middle of the cage. Another clinch from Parke and he lands an elbow. Parke landing some short shots, but nothing of worth. Parke gets Santos’s back and tries for a slam takedown, but can not get it. I say 9-9 for because Parke was deducted a point.

Round 3: Parke comes out aggressive in round 3 with a body kick and some heavy hooks. Parke clinches Santos to the fence again. Short shots landing for Parke. Parke is able to stay busy enough, but not doing much. Santos turns Parke, but Parke reverses him back on the fence. Uppercut from Parke lands. The referee breaks them off, but on the restart they clinch right back on to the fence. Parke can’t get the takedown once again. The ref breaks them off again and they exchange in the middle of the cage. Parke lands a nice left hand and Santos attempts a takedown, but is stuffed. Parke clinches Santos on the fence once again and can not get the takedown. Parke gets Santos’ back standing, and lands some knees. Parke gets a pseudo takedown to end the fight. 10-9 Parke. I have it as a draw.

Official Decision: Norman Parke and Leonardo Santos fight to a Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)

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