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NBA may stop wearing sleeved jerseys

Fans don’t seem to be big fans of the NBA’s sleeved jersey look and the vast majority of players aren’t either.

We’ve seen multiple players complain about the look and hint that it throws off their game – but it was complaints by NBA superstar LeBron James that were heard the loudest, even by commissioner Adam Silver who told Bleacher Report he will meet with James and look at possible options surrounding the jersey moving forward, including removing them all together.

Commissioner Adam Silver told Bleacher Report he intends to revisit the issue after the season. He plans to meet with LeBron James, one of the loudest critics of the jerseys. The NBA could decide to curtail the use of the sleeved jerseys, leave it up to individual teams or simply kill the program for good.

While the purpose of the uniform is understood – it doesn’t seem to be working. Fans aren’t exactly rushing to buy the threads and many players feel the sleeves obstruct their game, thus, it makes sense that the NBA change the look or simply remove them from use all together.

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