Dec 1, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew (32) against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins not interested in signing Maurice Jones-Drew

The Miami Dolphins were rumored as a team interested in signing Maurice Jones-Drew earlier on Monday but it turns out those reports may have been a bit premature. Despite the need for a running back and the fact that MJD already plays in state, it appears that the Dolphins interest in Jones-Drew simply isn’t there.

According to the Miami Herald, there may indeed be interest in signing Maurice Jones-Drew but if there is it hasn’t been made abundantly clear.

The Jets, Steelers and Patriots were also mentioned in the same report as teams interested in Jones-Drew but they may also be on the same level as the Dolphins in terms of interest. There’s a chance that Jones-Drew ends up in Miami but he’s not to the point in his career that he needs to take just any old job that comes along and going to the Dolphins might be a low on his list of options.

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  • LostSok

    Moreno makes more sense. Great pass blocker, good outlet receiver.

  • Johnny

    29 yrs old and a lot of mileage… (MJD)
    Moreno??? He’s been injured his whole short career UNTIL last year…
    Now his stats from last year??? It’s all about that Denver Passing Offense.. That opened up huge lanes, cause defenders are stepping back, not stacking the box vs a QB like Manning..

    I believe the best way to go is to draft a RB.. From Sankey to Mason.. But no garauntees.. Just look at the Phins drafting a RB the last 3 years straight.. Hasn’t paid dividends… Well, especially behind the worse OLine in the NFL…

    SIGN RT WINSTON!!! He can lock down RT for the next 3 years!!! AND STILL DRAFT T/G ZACH MARTIN, who can immedietly start at Guard, then slide over to RT once Winston is gone or incase if an injury… He’s versatile and can play 3-4 positions on the OLine.

    IT’S THAT EASY!!!! OLine would be set!! Just make those 2 moves…
    1. Sign RT Eric Winston
    2. Draft T/G Zach Martin
    3. WIN!!!!!!!! (Protect your QB and open up lanes for RBs)..

  • Johnny

    I really wish Steve Ross would keep his big mouth shut!!! He just said he’s “not worried about the OLine, we will get a Right Tackle in the draft”… What an idiot.. And don’t forget him calling Chadd Henne the next Marino!!! He doesn’t know anything about NFL football… And thanks for telling the other 31 teams what you “think” your teams plans are in the upcoming Draft..

  • Bill Stowers

    I vote legarette blount instead of both mjd and moreno. We need to replace thomas and blount fits exactly what we orriginally wanted thomas to be