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Twins manager Ron Gardenhire pulls huge prank on pitcher Mike Pelfrey (Video)

Spring training in Major League Baseball is mostly for talent evaluation and workouts, but it’s also a breeding ground for practical jokes. The Minnesota Twins and manager Ron Gardenhire pulled an early April Fools joke on pitcher Mike Pelfrey.

Pelfrey, who is a Wichita State alum, was told by Gardenhire that he was to give a motivational speech to fire up the Shockers before their NCAA Tournament game

Of course, Pelfrey agreed, but things didn’t turn out quite like he expected.

Check out the video below as first seen on and

Well, that went smoothly, don’t you think?

The deadpan silence from the other Twins in the clubhouse was amazing. Pelfrey  must have thought he was speaking a foreign language.

It’s a sure bet that Gardenhire won’t be turning to Pelfrey to get the Twins pumped up in any important games this season.

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