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Chael Sonnen: Wanderlei almost left taping of TUF Brazil 3

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil season 3 is currently airing on UFC Fight Pass, as we get a good look at the heated rivalry between head coaches Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen was talking about the upcoming season of TUF, when he shared the news that Silva nearly left the taping of the show.

“He is so stupid, I’m ashamed of him. He is a checkers player. In checkers you play one move at a time. If you are a chess player, you have to guess what I’m going to do and plan your next move, you have to be three or four moves ahead. He is so stupid, and I’m not trying to offend him, stupid is a word for a real thing,” Sonnen said, via Bloody Elbow.

“He comes and say: ‘the show stops if you don’t apologize for what you said about Brazil’. He did what a real checkers player would do. He would never imagine that I would refuse to apologize. When I refused, all what he could do was give up. He put himself in check, I didn’t do that.

“The show stopped and was almost over. They had to call Dana White and the producers. I begged him to come back and he didn’t. So he called for a cab and the cab came. One producer had to stop him in the cab and make him come back.”

If Silva would have left the taping, it would have been just as unprofessional as having one of his fellow coaches sucker punch Sonnen in the back of the head.

It is clear that these two genuinely hate each other and May 31, when the two men will square off inside of the octagon after a long wait, can’t come quick enough.

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