Google Glasses to be designed by Ray Ban, Oakley

So far, the concept of Google Glasses has been a lot more attractive than the look of Google Glasses as everything that has been shown off up tot this point has been less chic and much more geek — and not in a good way. But this week has brought an outstanding development in the creation of Google Glasses as a top of the line designer has gotten on board to help design stylish frames to make Google Glasses accessible and acceptable for public use.

According to reports, the designer company Luxottica Group has partnered with Google to create the frames for the new line of glasses, which is good news for fans of Ray Ban and Oakley frames.

Per USA Today:

Italian company Luxottica Group announced on Monday a partnership with Google to make wearable technology look less geeky. Last week, Google said fashion-accessory maker Fossil Group is working on an Internet-connected wristwatch that runs Google’s Android software for mobile devices.

Oakley is a widely known brand and Ray Ban is considered one of the most hip style of frames throughout history. The Wayfarer frames from Ray Ban have long been an iconic look and their frames, while expensive, sell very well on the luxury market.

The announcement means that Google Glasses will be getting stylish upgrades to the frames we’ve seen, and it means that when they hit the market, we can expect the line to be the next hottest technological commodity out there.

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