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AMC developing late night talk show for Kevin Smith

Yet another network is getting in on the late night talk show game and they’re going back to the 90s to get their host. In a weird twist of awesome, AMC has been very kind to filmmaker and podcaster Kevin Smith and their relationship looks to be going to another level with the latest rumblings from the network.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC is developing a late night talk show for Smith that will basically be a simulcast of his podcast Hollywood Babble-On. The show, which also features comedian Ralph Garman, is just Smith doing what he has always been wildly talented at — talking.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

AMC is exploring a late-night project with Smith and longtime friend and collaborator Ralph Garman. The duo’s live podcast,Hollywood Babble-On, will film a pilot this spring with a weekly series in mind.

Smith also later confirmed the news via his always active Twitter account.

The film career Smith had in the 90s that spawned classics like Clerks and Chasing Amy has since fizzled out with turds such as Cop Out and others, but his career as a podcaster has given him new life with his fans and has given him a new career to focus on.

AMC already produces the series Comic Book Men, which follows the employees and close friends of Smith’s that run his comic book shop in Red Bank. No premiere date for Hollywood Babble-On has been  announced but more should be known soon.

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