Nov 15, 2012; Charleston, SC, USA; Dayton Flyers fans cheer during the second half of Game 1 of the Charleston Classic against the Colorado Buffaloes at TD Arena. Buffaloes won 67-57. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Dayton Flyers have an epic Cheer-o-Meter (GIF)

The Dayton Flyers are on a roll against Stanford and their dream season looks like it’s going to continue on to an Elite Eight meeting against either the Florida Gators or the UCLA Bruins. One particular group of people that are outstandingly excited about the success of the Flyers are their loyal fans who have stuck with them three times when they were counted out and have been rewarded with a lot of winning.

Dayton fans are also creative with their way of cheering, as they’ve shown everything from controlled nail biting to outright displays of ecstasy. But if they every forget how to cheer, one fan has them more than covered with his Cheer-O-Meter that charts the level of excitement that should be felt at any given time.



So far, maxing out the Cheer-o-Meter seems to be pretty accurate.


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