Randy Couture can play harmonica better than you (Video)

Mixed martial arts legend and former UFC champion Randy Couture is enjoying the life of a retired fighter, which has included some movie deals, a coaching slot on the Bellator reality show FightMaster and strolling down some red carpets.

None of those perks of retirement are as great as what Couture recently did, however, which completely blew our minds.

Couture jumped on stage with the Jason Young Band at Whiskey Chicks in Bricktown,Oklahoma City, where he showed off his surprisingly impressive harmonica skills. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below:

Couture is already sitting comfortable in the UFC Hall of Fame, but if he keeps this up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame better watch out because Couture will be coming for them. He even looks like a rock star with his scarf, ripped jeans and golf hat.

Keep it up, Randy.

[H/T: Chad Dundas of Bleacher Report]

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