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Watch Dogs trailer introduces city of Chicago (Video)

Ubisoft is set to release their open-world title Watch Dogs in the month of May and it seems them delaying the game could be well worth the wait.

They’ve released a new trailer for the game that introduces the city of Chicago and shows how the city will bring the game to life. The trailer mentions the game has a special graphics engine that’s been specifically built for Watch Dogs with rich, dynamic lighting to include special effects for weather and physics that will make the city vivid.

The city of Chicago in Watch Dogs will have a diverse population of people, where each citizen has a unique identity and reacts intelligently to the world around them.

The main premise of the game is that everyone is connected and players can hack into the lives of people in the city.

In Watch Dogs you can identify criminals, disrupt communications and infiltrate homes of people. The game is set where opportunities come to the player and they have control of a vast digital network.

The one thing to remember is that your choices in Watch Dogs will have consequences, as the police will chase you for being a vigilante and the media will have photos and videos of your character around the city. If you cross paths with the wrong citizen, you can risk having a bounty being put on you.

The city is designed to surprise you with the possibility of any citizen being a victim or killer.

Watch Dogs is designed to give players endless possibilities, as you can approach missions in a variety of ways.

You can leave a comment below with your thoughts on the trailer and if you like how Ubisoft is making the city of Chicago in Watch Dogs.



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