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Playstation blog confirms WWE 2K15 for PS4

It wasn’t surprising to hear that 2K had given up on Major League Baseball, considering on how badly they were getting beat by MLB The Show.

Now when I heard about the company taking over the rights for WWE video games, I knew right away that this would make them a lot more money. WWE video games have always sold well, dating back to games that were released on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Dream Cast, PS1, PS2 and of course PS3.

I’m yet to pick up WWE 2K14, but I plan on doing so within the next couple of days. Honestly haven’t owned a WWE video game since 2012, but I’m hearing decent things about this recent release.

Anyways, according to the Playstation Blog, WWE 2K15 has been confirmed for the Playstation-4 but a release date has yet to be announced. The WWE and developers usually release details, screen shots, etc. around Summer Slam in August. We’ve seen what developers have been able to do with these next generation consoles, so I can’t wait to see what these guys will do with 2K15.

Maybe they’ll allow players to roam the crowd a little bit, or walk the backstage area. I forget which SmackDown allowed you to stroll around the locker room area, but it was pretty fun.

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