Arnold Schwarzenegger as John "Breacher Wharton in "Sabotage." Photo Credit: Open Road Films

Take a Look at the Opening Scene from Sabotage (Video)

The day has finally arrived. Today is the day that the action-packed thrill ride Sabotage explodes onto the big screen. However, if you want a sneak peek at the film before you head out to the theater to see it, we have the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the good people at Yahoo! Movies, we have a look at the red band version of the opening scene from the film.

As you know, the film is about a team of DEA Agents led by John “Breacher” Wharton. Breacher and his team are about to make one of the biggest drug busts of their careers; however, when someone decides to get sticky fingered with some of the money they recovered from the bust, the cartel makes sure that one by one the members of the team begin to end up dead.

In all of the madness, Wharton’s wife and son end up in the hands of the cartel. It will be up to Wharton to find out who the thief is and get back his family before it is too late.

In the opening scene, we watch as they prepare to breach a building. They have already sent in Lizzy, who is played in the film by Mireille Enos, as a plant to get the party started, which she does with a creepy sort of ease.

It certainly doesn’t take too long for the action to get started. This is certainly going to be one wild ride.

Here is a look at the red band version of the opening scene from the film Sabotage.

** WARNING ** As I have said a couple of times, this is the red band version of the opening. This means that there is a lot of explicit language and violence in the clip. If you’re offended by such things, or in a position that may not be conducive to such material, I suggest that you don’t watch this until your situation changes. Otherwise, enjoy!

The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, as John “Breacher” Wharton. Sabotage also stars Fifty Shades of Grey’s Max MartiniTrue Blood’s Joe ManganielloIntelligence’s Josh HollowayAvatar’s Sam WorthingtonSons of Anarchy’s Harold PerrineauTerrence HowardOlivia Williams, and more.

Sabotage opens today in theaters nationwide.

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