Nov 5, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee (34) shoots the ball against San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) during the first half at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Javale McGee rides motorized scooter shopping cart to Eazy-E song (Video)

Have you ever been curious in regards to how a bawse grocery shops?

Wonder no more, friends, as Denver Nuggets center Javale McGee answered such a question for us.

The currently injured veteran, who is known for posting some rather hilarious Instagram videos (as are other members of the Nuggets, like Nate Robinson) put up a new video last evening which featured McGee riding around a local Denver grocery store on a motorized shopping cart.

That in itself would have been grounds for a rather funny bit, but he then topped it off by throwing up a deuce and a head nod, all while Eazy-E’s famed track ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood’ played perfectly on queue in the background.

Along with that was the following caption:


McGee is in the midst of recovering from a relatively nasty knee injury, so, he does actually have reason to be using the motorized shopping cart.

Maybe not as good as McGee and his friends randomly driving around and scaring the daylights out of people with random honks, but still worth a chuckle or two.

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