Apr 2, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Phil Jackson (left) and Jeannie Buss stand with Los Angeles Lakers former player Shaquille O

Jeanie Buss says Phil Jackson is loud in bed...because he snores

Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss and former head coach Phil Jackson (now New York Knicks president) have been dating for years, but the couple has a new wrinkle in their relationship – distance.

While Jackson often spent time in Montana during the season (after his retirement), he’ll now be across the country in New York as the two attempt to work on their bi-coastal love.

One would assume the distance would be difficult to handle, but Jeanie says that’s nothing new for them. In fact, there biggest relationship issue comes from the bedroom as the legendary coach is terrible in bed, that is, when it comes to snoring.

Buss, out on the town with Jackson told TMZ that Jackson is a notorious snorer, prompting a laugh from the Knicks president.

TMZ also asked the two how having ‘feuding franchises’ alters their relationship, but Jackson was quick to point out he hopes to have feuding franchises, suggesting the Knicks aren’t at that level yet. Then again, neither are the Lakers.

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