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LeBron James wishes the NBA did not have a salary cap

In light of the mega-huge $292 million extension signed by Detroit Tigers’ slugger Miguel Cabrera this week, Miami Heat forward LeBron James found himself daydreaming about the possibilities if he had the chance to sign that kind of deal.

Speaking before the team’s game Friday night against the Detroit Pistons, here is what James had to say about Cabrera’s deal (from ESPN.com):

I said ‘wow.’ I wish we (the NBA) didn’t have a salary cap…He’s the best player in baseball, and the best players in each sport should be rewarded. It’d be nice to sign a 10-year deal worth $300 million…

…I would do it this summer for sure. I’d opt out for that.”

James has a unique ability to make people mad, often because he comes off as out of touch with reality. In this case, though, these comments seem fairly harmless, not to mention the fact that they represent a fundamental misunderstanding of what Cabrera’s contract means for the Tigers.

Let’s just say that, maybe, somebody should show James the state of the Tigers a few years down the road, remind him that he is supposed to only care about winning championships, and gently suggest that the salary cap might not be so bad for his National Basketball Association. Teams have a lot fewer opportunities to ruin their own future that way, though that’s not to say it stops them entirely.

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