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Shane Kruchten is ready to seize his opportunity at WSOF 9


For someone who has fought to protect our freedom, a cage fight is akin to a walk in the park. WSOF 9 competitor, Shane Kruchten, is a former United States Marine who served time in Iraq. In combat, Kruchten suffered a traumatic brain injury that ultimately developed into post traumatic stress disorder. Kruchten’s PTSD led him to become edgy, angry, and ultimately led him to drugs. After a failed suicide attempt, Kruchten was brought back into the world with the help of the Wounded Warriors Project.

Since then, Kruchten became an MMA fighter, racking up an 11-2 record. Kruchten has 9 finishes in 11 victories, and is currently on an 11 fight winning streak. Kruchten is set to make his World Series of Fighting debut tonight WSOF 9. Kruchten takes on Mike Corey in the main event of the prelims streaming live on WSOF’s website.

I had the opportunity to speak with Kruchten prior to his fight tonight. Kruchten talks about his journey to get to WSOF, how blessed he truly is, and being an avid MMA fan. If you have not seen Kruchten’s mini-documentary, watch it here.

How he is feeling going into WSOF 9

First of all, I am feeling very blessed. It is an amazing opportunity that has been presented to me. It is something that I have worked years to come up to. A lot of people will see my first two losses and nobody knows my back story quite like I do obviously. The last individual I lost to, that fight was at 185. Nobody realizes that I used to fight that heavy because I fight at 145 now. As for my fight, I have never felt better, stronger, and more clear minded than I am right now. This camp has been all at a brand new camp for me. It has been humbling, but all new experiences. I have been able to open up my eyes, my brain, and my training at this new gym. It is a family here, and it is an honor to be accepted.

How he got the call to fight in the WSOF

I was on the phone with my manager last year and we were talking about getting me a fight. Next thing I know, I was sitting with my wife and I got a text message from Ali Abdelaziz. It said “Hey this is Ali from WSOF, I would like to offer you a contract are you interested?”

I looked at the text message and I actually had no clue who Ali Abdelaziz was, so I contacted my manager and he told me it was WSOF.
I looked at the text message and I actually had no clue who Ali Abdelaziz was, so I contacted my manager and he told me it was WSOF.

He also told me that he never contacted Ali or the WSOF, so I still do not know how he got my number, but I am interested in asking him! It is definitely a cool start to my WSOF story.

Why he competes in MMA

MMA fighting is not for me. Ya, in the beginning it was a personal achievement, ‘Aha! I can do it’, but I have come to full fruition of being very proud and honored to carry my brethren’s names on my back. When I walk into that cage, it is my way of showing them they are never left behind because they have had my back like I have always had theirs.

How he got his start in MMA

MMA was an accident. It was never a goal or a mission in my wildest dreams. I thought for the rest of my life I would live in Wisconsin and just work in a factory. I ended up going to a show, and at that time I was a big guy and was offered a fight.

Two fights later I was 0-2 and thought it was over, my dreams were shattered. Then I met two very inspirational people: Joe Duarte, who was a StrikeForce veteran, and Pat Speight, who was an Affliction fights veteran. They are also both military veterans. They took me in and embraced me.

They never let me quit on my goal of training and fighting. I took a hiatus from fighting, and Pat told me ‘look, if you are going to make a run for this you need to train with me in jiu-jitsu’. Since then, I put my head down and made a run for it. It’s been a blessing ever since then. It feels like all the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

Being an avid MMA fan

It is weird, because this card that I am on, I am an avid fan of almost the whole card!

 Is it weird to ask for a picture with somebody that is fighting on the same card as you?
Is it weird to ask for a picture with somebody that is fighting on the same card as you? I am a huge Josh Burkman and Yushin Okami fan. Marlon Moraes? I respect that guy’s style so much. I even watched my opponent before I am fighting him and I liked him before I knew we were set to fight!

What he attests his finishes too

I like to have quick fights because I don’t want my wife or my parents to have to see me get beat up. Sometimes though if you finish a fight in the first round, you have so much pent up aggression and testosterone you want to fight more. I also work a full time job as well as being a fighter, so I like to be pretty at work (laughs).

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