Tim Burton, Disney ‘Poppins’ poster


There was a creative poster that surfaced on Friday night where a fan made a poster to make it look like Tim Burton will be teaming up with Disney to continue Mary Poppins’ story in the movie ‘Poppins’.

If so, it looks like we’ll be seeing a very different side of Mary.

You can take a look at the poster down below!


Would you like to see a “Poppins” movie from Burton? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.

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  • Rob Clement


  • Rambert

    You know, now that I think about it… Mary Poppins was kind of creepy in the original. She flies around on an umbrella, force-feeds children medicine, transports them to a cartoon realm, and carries around a bottomless bag of secrets. …I’m quite excited for this interpretation.

  • Patterson Lundquist

    Eh… Shelby did you vet this one? Burton’s official Facebook does not feature this information at all. An unofficial Fan page on Facebook does.

  • Adam O Reilly

    please can we keep this free of a twisted cinicism that tim can seem to find in every thing

  • Adam O Reilly

    cher sould play her

  • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

    You’re right Patterson, I was given the info by a friend who works for Disney so I assume was a good source. I was wrong in saying it was on his official page, it is featured on a fan page. I will definitely eat crow if it’s just a hoax. It is a fun rumor though!

    • Patterson Lundquist

      Gotcha. The main reason I doubted it in the first place is because there are no Disney projects of a Poppins nature in the works with Burton. Right now he’s in post production with “Big Eyes” and the other two projects he has going are “Mai, the Psychic Girl,” (which currently has no release date) and then “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” which is only in the scripting process. I’d expect a Disney feature along the line of “Poppins” to have received a big press blast. In the past few months there have been a lot of fans proclaiming a desire for him to do a Poppins treatment. Beyond that though, nothing has formed. Hope I didn’t come across as a jerk.

      • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

        Not at all! I’m a stickler for facts and if I’ve made a mistake then I am very welcome to corrections. I saw the story and was a little too eager to post before doing all of my homework. It was just a little too much wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for the info!

  • Coby

    This is clearly an April Fools joke. I called it first.

  • Noelle M

    You should really get all the facts before spreading rumors. Fan-made poster on a fan page, Burton has not mentioned it anywhere on any of his sites about doing this.

  • WB

    Clearly this is fake – if you’re a stickler for the facts then I suggest you go back to the university of stickler and get your masters…

  • Lach

    Would follow P.L. Travers vision

  • http://gentrytainment.com Brad

    I know this is probably an early April Fools, but I want to see this movie. Disney, please get started on this soon!

  • ILDC

    Even Burton is sick of Hot Topic reimaginings starring the same actors.

  • Kata Deák

    Maybe a scam … but adorable in the movie!

  • Denver Leman

    Yes, OMG YES. I want it, I want to see it.

  • Lkj Slain

    Why can’t people leave good enough alone? REALLY?! … ANOTHER movie that Tim Burton has to get his fingers into with Johnny Depp and Helena Bohem Carter… I mean, really… we does this need to happen? UGH.

    • Kate

      Did you even read the article? It’s a FAN MADE poster. This isn’t something that a studio made. Tim Burton isn’t making a Mary Poppins movie.

  • Guest

    com certeza!
    seria realmente perfeito com a direção de Tim Burton, Alice no País das Maravilhas era perfeito e filmes similares, como Branca de Neve, sem direção dele foi horrível. com certeza Tim Burton seria o diretor perfeito!

  • Ísa Kavian

    for sure!
    would be really perfect with the direction of Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland was perfect and similar films like Snow White without his direction was horrible. for sure Tim Burton would be the perfect director!

  • timburtonfan

    please please please i want to watch it so bad

  • jenlindy73

    PL Travers wrote in her last will and testament that Disney would never again be able to touch Mary Poppins. So unless Tim Burton signs with another studio to produce this, it’s clearly a fake.

    • Ember1

      It looks like it is real–but that has had me confused. I’m wondering if it is coming off copyright or something?

  • Ember1

    Much better chance of being like the books if Burton does it.

  • Lisa Marie Rink Gibson

    I know a fan had made this poster but if it were to be made, then of course I would watch it! I <3 Tim Burton Films!!!!!

  • Ashley Bordelon

    I love tim burton helena and johnny. They r so talented I have days I watch nothing but their movies. I love them

  • Pynke Claude Pirrat

    Ohh please yes!! But make it a claymation, like Nightmare before Christmas.

  • Trevor Cruse

    I dont understand how Disney makes “Saving Mr. Banks” to show how dear Mary Poppins was to PL Traverse and then start on this film it doesn’t make sense. I think it will be a good film but bad timing on Disney

  • naheana

    On one hand anything from Tim Burton is usually intriguing enough to be a ‘must see’. On the other hand, the poster alone screams “a Wicked remake!” Which stinks cause Wicked was and still is awesome and to have a remake of it so soon is an insult to the geniuses who wrote and created it. Nonetheless, I’d easily bet a million dollars that every single set of eyes that see this poster will immediately go “Ooooh”, no matter what their second or third thought will be

  • naheana

    This is most likely a fake that anyone could have done, because sadly as awesome as his emo movies usually are, he is probably one of the most predictable directors ever. The one time he didn’t use Johnny depp made Adams family a hit. Still, even the readers who were annoyed by this prank have to admit that even they took a second after seeing the poster and wondered how the movie would go

  • Theresa

    I think Tim Burton would make a great Mary Poppins. It’s a great classic movie with a creative genius like Tim Burton recreating it I can’t wait to see it come out.

  • Nope


  • StevenCravisMusic

    Yes, but I’d rather see him cast Victoria Stillwell as Mary Poppins https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaStilwell?rf=116285961752221

  • Nina Chavin

    They can ! Because the true story is most darkly than the Disney’s version movie! Marie is Sad because her father is dead, and she meets a woman who cares of her and inspirates her to the great Marie Popins ! …..

    I want!

  • rian

    How funny I knew he’d somehow make a remake of that…

  • Sarah

    Oh it should be remade, just not by Disney with their out of place musical numbers.