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WSOF 9 results: Marlon Moraes becomes first ever WSOF Bantamweight champion

In the co-main event of World Series of Fighting 9, the inaugural Bantamweight title is on the line as Marlon Moraes takes on Josh Rettinghouse.

Moraes has been with WSOF since it’s inception. At WSOF 1, Moraes defeated Miguel Torres by split decision. Since then, Moraes has picked up three more impressive victories inside the WSOF before getting his shot at the belt tonight.

Rettinghouse made his WSOF debut back in October, defeating Alexis Vila by unanimous decision. That win gave Rettinghouse his third in a row, and a shot at the Bantamweight title. Josh is a big underdog tonight as he looks to upset Marlon Moraes.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start. Hard leg kick from Moraes. Josh with a high kick and Moraes rocks Josh with a counter left hook. Moraes already swarming and he stuffs Josh’s takedown. Moraes is on top of the turtled up Rettinghouse, but Josh gets back to his feet. Left hook hurts Rettinghouse again. Moraes swinging for the fences and stuffs another takedown. Moraes gets back mount and is fishing for a rear naked choke, but can’t get it. Josh escapes and takes Moraes down. Moraes is trying to use the fence to get to his feet and eats an elbow. Moraes goes for a leg lock and Josh escapes which allows Moraes to his feet. Moraes’ head kick is blocked. Uppercut from Moraes as Josh rushes in. Nice level change from Josh, but Moraes stuffs the takedown. Inside leg kick from Josh, but he eats a counter left. Hard leg kick from Rettinghouse. Another leg kick from Josh. Left hook misses for Moraes. Spinning back kick misses for Moraes. Josh slips when he rushes in, but gets back to his feet. Spinning hook kick misses for Moraes and Josh with a hard body kick. 10-9 Moraes.

Round 2: Leg kick caught by Josh momentarily, but lets go. Josh with a nice combination ending in a body shot. Moraes trips Josh momentarily with a kick. Overhand right for Marlon just misses. Body kick from Josh. Leg kick from Josh. Moraes pawing out a jab. Inside leg kick from Josh. Moraes with a hard outside leg kick. Uppercut from Moraes. Front kick misses for Moraes. Body kick for Josh. Moraes with a leg kick. Josh is feinting takedowns that is confusing Moraes. Leg kick from Moraes. Front kick from Josh. Another hard leg kick for Moraes. They clinch momentarily and exchange hard shots. Josh with a nice step in side-kick. Josh with a pseudo-takedown, but Moraes gets to his feet. Hard kick from Moraes. Moraes tags Josh with a straight left. Josh throws up his hands to taunt Moraes as the round ends. 10-9 Moraes

Round 3: Jab from Josh. Hard leg kick from Moraes. Moraes with a body kick. High kick from Josh is blocked. Josh feints a leg kick and goes for a takedown, but is stuffed. Right hand lands for Josh, and again. Hard leg kick drops Rettinghouse, and it hurts. Another hard leg kick from Moraes. Josh changes his stance to avoid the leg kicks. Another hard leg kick punishes Rettinghouse. Another hard leg kick and Josh grabs his leg in pain, but keeps fighting. This is brutal. Moraes kicks Josh’s other leg now. Uppercut from Moraes. Moraes with another hard outside leg kick. Josh has a lot of heart fighting through this, but he needs to check a kick. Jabs from Moraes. Body shot from Moraes. Jabs from Moraes. Another hard leg kick has Josh clutching his leg in pain. Another leg kick from Moraes. Moraes is just brutalizing Rettinghouse with leg kicks, and Josh crumbles to his feet. Moraes is pouring it on and trying to finish. Punches from Moraes and now brutal knees to the side of the body. This is brutal. Moraes attempts a guillotine, but the round ends and Rettinghouse survives. 10-8 Moraes.

Round 4: Moraes right away with a hard leg kick, and Josh attempts a takedown but can not get it. Rettinghouse is not getting up trying to coax Moraes to come inside his guard. Moraes does momentarily and Rettinghouse nearly locks in a heel hook. Moraes back out and after some more scooting on the mat, Josh gets to his feet. They exchange, and Josh goes in for the takedown again, but is stuffed. Josh again stays on the mat and scoots around. Josh gets to his feet and misses two hooks. Josh kicks with his mangled leg and it hurts him worse than Moraes. In fact, he is dropped from his own leg kick. This is absolutely awful that this fight is continuing. Rettinghouse refuses to give up. More kicks from Moraes. Josh pushes forward and misses two hooks. Moraes lands a hard right hook. Another hard leg kick from Moraes. Jab from Josh, but he eats a jab from Moraes. Josh misses a spinning back kick, and is tripped by Moraes. 10-9 Moraes.

Round 5: They hug to start the round. Josh attempts a takedown, but is stuffed and turtles up. Rettinghouse back to his feet. Josh throws a high kick, but can not plant on his right leg and slips. Moraes with a hard leg kick. Moraes is really coasting here. Body kick and a jab from Rettinghouse. Body shot from Moraes. 1-2 from Moraes. Straight left for Moraes. Body kicks from Josh. Hard leg kick from Moraes. Moraes stuffs another takedown. This fight is really dreadful. Two hard leg kicks from Moraes drops Josh again. Rettinghouse is somehow standing. A hard leg kick from Moraes drops Josh again. More scooting on the mat from Rettinghouse, but he gets to his feet. Moraes is now attacking the body and hurts Josh. Rettinghouse with a spinning back kick. Moraes with a takedown to end the fight. 10-9 Moraes.

Official Decision: Marlon Moraes defeats Josh Rettinghouse by Unanimous Decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-44)

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