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Arizona fans riot, get pelted with tear gas after loss to Wisconsin Badgers (Video)

It was an ugly scene in Arizona after the Arizona Wildcats lost in a heartbreaking nail biter to the Wisconsin Badgers in the Elite Eight. While their trip to the Final Four was ended, upset students took to the campus of Arizona to form what local police deemed an unlawful assembly — and then the riot police showed up.

Whenever dopey college kids who are already emotional mix with tense riot police over an unreasonable circumstance — this being a basketball game that no one seemed the look at rationally — bad things happened.

According to multiple reports and eye witness accounts, riot police confronted Arizona student and eventually began firing tears gas and beanbags at them.




We’ve seen fans riot before and it’s never a good thing. Drunk college students on on-edge authority figures are never a good mix and the Wildcats losing in the Elite Eight was hardly the worst part of the night for a lot of students on Saturday.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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