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Cheers! Hockey players drop gloves, then share beer on the ice (Video)

Who doesn’t love to see to brawny, sweaty hockey players drop gloves and then engage in a sweater-tugging, haymaker-throwing slugfest out on the ice? I’ll tell you who, Jesse Felten of the Dayton Demonz and Matt Puntureri of the Danville Dashers.

As seen first on, the two Federal League Players stalked each other on the ice, and then proceeded to…


Wait, what?

That’s right. As you’ll see in the video, a giant man-hug ensued, followed by Puntureri producing a can of beer for the two to have an on-ice toast.

Bob and Doug McKenzie would be proud, and the Hanson brothers are collectively facepalming.

To make a weird story even weirder, neither play was sent to the penalty box, since (technically) nothing deserving of a penalty occurred. I guess the hug could have been considered interference…or would it be “holding”?

You may now commence with the ‘Slap Shot’ quotes and jokes…

Putting on the foils?

In the end, Dayton won the game 8-2.

I guess the technique of intoxicating the enemy didn’t pay off for Danville.

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